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We have provided a safety net for over 2,462 Massachusetts animals

The mission of AniMatch is to give adoptable pets in Massachusetts a greater chance at adoption. By developing a network of animal welfare organizations throughout the state and acting as a liaison between them, we facilitate the evaluation and intrastate transfer of pets in need throughout this network - from organizations with limited resources to those that have a better ability to find the pets a “forever home.”

A total of 167 Animal Welfare Organizations now participate in AniMatch!

To date:

  • 448 individuals have attended AniMatch Behavior Observation training
  • 150 individuals completed all required training modules and were approved as    AniMatch Behavior Observation Volunteers.
  • In 2016 AniMatch volunteers performed 257 Behavior Observations

Because there is so much behavioral variability within a given breed, and even more in mixed breed dogs, a dog’s behavior can not be reliably predicted based on breed or physical appearance alone. Since AniMatch believes it’s important to evaluate a dog based on behavior and not appearance, we have eliminated breed designations on our dog database so that each dog can be seen as an individual.