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We have provided a safety net for over 3,300 Massachusetts animals

The mission of AniMatch is to give adoptable pets in Massachusetts a greater chance at adoption. By developing a network of animal welfare organizations throughout the state and acting as a liaison between them, we facilitate the evaluation and intrastate transfer of pets in need throughout this network - from organizations with limited resources to those that have a better ability to find the pets a “forever home.”

AniMatch wants to share our success and help save lives in other states and regions. We have created a “plug and play” program template that can be used — for free—by groups outside of Massachusetts who want to create their own version of our program. The program can be modified to meet specific needs and allow for incremental implementation. For more information, please contact

A total of 196 Animal Welfare Organizations now participate in AniMatch!

  • 684 individuals have attended AniMatch Behavior Observation training
  • 182 individuals completed all required training modules and were approved as AniMatch Behavior Observation Volunteers.
  • AniMatch volunteers have performed over 1,250 Behavior Observations since 2011.

Because AniMatch believes it’s important to evaluate a dog based on behavior and not appearance, we have eliminated breed designations on our dog database so that each dog can be seen as an individual.