How AniMatch Works

  • A Sending Organization posts a dog in need on the AniMatch database via a simple online form, which creates a posting to the AniMatch database. The posting can be viewed by all participating organizations.Kerry red dog
  • This posting automatically generates an alert and sends an email to all Receiving Organizations notifying them of the available dog.   The AniMatch team assigns a volunteer Caseworker to the dog.  The caseworker becomes the primary point of contact for organizations interested in the dog.
  • The Caseworker, using all of the information collected on the dog, proactively contacts appropriate Receiving Organizations to find an available space for the dog.
  • Through the Caseworker, Receiving Organizations may request an AniMatch Behavior Observation of the dog by a trained and approved volunteer.
  • The Behavior Observer will update the database with the results of the standardized Behavior Observation so that Receiving Organizations can determine if the dog is suitable for their adoption program.
  • Once an organization agrees to take the dog, the Caseworker arranges for the transportation and the transfer of the dog from the Sending Organization to the Receiving Organization.
  • Boss framed 1342x1022When the dog has been transferred, the Caseworker updates the case information on the database; the dog has been placed and is no longer in need.