Animatch has successfully helped to create a bridge from shelters/animal control facilities to local rescues and facilities better equipped to place dogs in need. Our local shelters are filled with amazing, caring individuals who do so much for the dogs in their care, but at the end of the day, we all have limited resources and limited time. Animatch has helped create a pathway, not only for the dogs, but for staff and volunteers; enabling us to better communicate and gain information on dogs in need of transfer. This has helped all of us more efficiently use and share our resources. We always say, it often takes an army to save one dog and Animatch has and continues to strengthen our local "army". Thanks to all of Animatch's hard-working volunteers for all they do!


Sarah Cronin, The Pittie Stop Rescue



Animatch has been an amazing partner for us. Not only do they bring dogs in need to our attention, but they also do an excellent job evaluating them so that we know if they will be a good fit for our small shelter where most of the care is provided by volunteers. Before the Massachusetts Animal Coalition started Animatch, we knew there must be dogs in need in Massachusetts, but didn't know how to find them.

Kim Agricola, Director, Medfield Animal Shelter




December 21, 2015
What would the animal field do without you folks?!?!   Animatch is an amazing concept that has flourished into an effective and invaluable tool for the animal community.  Buddy is a great example.  The MSPCA can handle a lot of things but kennel stress leaves us with minimal options given that we're a kennel.  So, your site enables us to connect with others to hopefully find him a better option.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Amanda Laskoe, Animal Care Supervisor, MSPCA: Cape Cod Animal Care & Adoption Center



As a regional animal control facility, the Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center (TJO) serves an urban population of 250,000. We receive 3,500 animals annually, and unlike many northeast animal shelters, our dog intake numbers exceeds cat numbers. While our adoption program is thriving, we have very, very lean staffing so keeping up is difficult at best.


Keeping the time that dogs spend in a shelter to a minimum is our goal, as it is for most animal shelters. We owe gratitude and a standing ovation to AniMatch who is always accessible and who works hard to help us reach that goal. AniMatch is an innovative, Massachusetts program operated by Massachusetts Animal Coalition which allows animal welfare/control organizations to post adoptable dogs on a website where other organizations that may not have a large number of dogs can learn about them and consider accepting them into their program.


AniMatch has facilitated the transfer of many TJO dogs to receiving shelters where they are readily adopted into new homes. In addition, thanks to the relationships they have helped us form with nearly 50 organizations, now we directly communicate with each other, often each week, checking in to see how dog populations are doing and if we should be transferring. We have come to know what types and temperament of dogs do best with what group. While AniMatch is currently a dog program, the relationships we have formed allow us to transfer cats to many of the same groups.

In July, AniMatch found placement for Milton, a Miniature Poodle who arrived to TJO severely neglected. After grooming, a dental with extractions, neutering and more, we learned he needed bi-lateral cataract surgery. He was transferred to a small, private group with the ability to get him the surgery he needs. And, just yesterday, Scarlett and O’Hara, two adorable, senior Miniature Schnauzers with severe dental disease, and small masses that need surgical attention were transferred via AniMatch to a large MA organization with the medical resources to help them live what we hope is several more years.


We are very fortunate and grateful to have AniMatch in Massachusetts and are proud to be affiliated with such a stellar, pioneering program.

Pam Peebles, Executive Director, Thomas J O'Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center