I am so grateful for the AniMatch program and their help placing dogs that come through the Town of Dudley's animal shelter. I had a miniature pinscher mix (Little Bug) and a pit bull terrier mix (Cowboy) at the shelter in May and I thought they might be good dogs for AniMatch so I sent an email requesting volunteers to perform a Behavior Observation on them. Within a few days, two volunteers came out to the shelter and performed Behavior Observations on both dogs. The dogs passed their evals and Baypath Humane Society offered to take Little Bug once his holding period was up. They didn't have room for Cowboy but he was posted on AniMatch's database. Once I transferred Little Bug to Baypath Humane Society he was adopted two days later and is now a lap dog in the big city of Boston. Cowboy was accepted by the MSPCA in Centerville and is in foster care. He's such a sweet handsome boy, I am certain he will find a home soon.


Without the AniMatch program both of these dogs would likely still be stuck in the Town's shelter. I can't say enough good things about the program. The volunteers are quick to come out and do the evaluations. The standardized test done during the Behavior Observations gives an accurate look at the dog's personality. We are fortunate to have the AniMatch program in the commonwealth.

Lauren Pasniewski, Dudley ACO



AniMatch has been a great resource for the Worcester Animal Rescue League. Through AniMatch, we've been able to transfer and place numerous dogs through other organizations and help other organizations in their time of need. Additionally, we have built relationships with other animal welfare professionals that we otherwise would've never met. AniMatch plays the Match Maker, connecting the people who are striving to make a difference one dog at a time.

Allie Tellier, Director, Worcester Animal Rescue League



I had the need to place a dog that was not claimed by an owner, she was a nice dog but she needed more exposure than what I could do myself, I contacted AniMatch and within minutes they had a group that would take her. AniMatch’s network is fabulous! They even set up a transportation person to get her where she needed to go. It worked so well the first time, my first thought a few months later was immediately to contact AniMatch. Again within minutes she had a place to go. This time I opted to drive her myself since I had never had the opportunity to meet, in person, the rescue that was taking her in. Everyone at the rescue was extremely friendly and promised to keep in touch and a few weeks later I received an email with a picture of the dog in her new home, already looking very relaxed.

Brenda Hamelin , Millis/ Medway Animal Control Officer



We at VCA Rotherwood are very thankful for AniMatch and the excellent service they have provided us! We have worked hand in hand with Newton Animal Control as their stray holding facility and have been searching for a group to help us give these strays a better opportunity after their quarantine is up. I must say AniMatch has been that group!!

Our most recent testimony came from a stray pittie that was brought in by Newton AC. We had reached out to many groups and unfortunately found no one who was able to help us. When we turned to AniMatch, they were all so very helpful!! They came out quickly, performed temperament tests and found a place for him to go within days!! When things were not working out so well in the shelter he went to, AniMatch picked up the ball again and made sure that his story was going to be a successful one!! I am happy to say that they sent me some awesome pics of him in his forever home!! Thank you AniMatch team for working with us to make this a great story with a happy ending!!!

I could go on and on about how happy I am to partner with you all!!

Todd Brant Bonitto, Manager VCA Rotherwood