Over the past year, we have formed a relationship with TJ O’Connor in Springfield to assist with transferring adoptable dogs from their facility to ours. We have been a part of the AniMatch program for a few years and we regularly saw posts of dogs from TJO. We originally contacted AniMatch regarding these dogs. After seeing the volume of dogs passed through TJO, we realized that they could use help on a regular basis and so we began contacting them almost weekly to see how their shelter numbers were and if they needed assistance. We now go to TJO about twice a month and transfer about 8-10 dogs at each pickup.


This partnership has been very beneficial to our shelter, as well as to TJO. While reducing their dog numbers at the shelter, we were able to increase adoptions at our shelter. We rarely had small dogs for adoption and so our small dog cages were frequently empty. Now we are able to help TJO utilize these empty cages, as well as provide medical care, spay/neuter, and a new home for these little dogs. It has been a win-win for both shelters and especially for the dogs apart of this program.

Sheryl Bancato, Executive Director, Second Chance Animal Shelter