Help Locally

If you want to help animals but aren't in a position to help AniMatch right now, there are many other opportunities where your support can make a difference.

  • Spay and Neuter:  If you own a pet, make sure it is spayed or neutered.  Every year millions of cats and dogs of all ages and breeds are euthanized in shelters or suffer as strays.  Ind addition to preventing unwanted litters, sterilization also provides health benefits and can improve behavior.  There are low-cost providers in most areas.  Become an advocate for responsible pet ownership through example and by supporting local spay/neuter resources.
  • Adopt:  When you're ready to add an animal compassion to your household, don't buy from a pet store whose animals come from hideously cruel and unhealthy situations.  Visit your local animal shelter or animal control facility instead.  If you're looking for a specific breed that may not be immediately available in the shelter, check for a breed rescue groupCabana 3 that works with that breed.
  • Foster an animal:  Foster homes are needed for a variety of situations.  Sometimes an animal may be too young to be immediately adopted.  Sometimes an animal may have minor health problems like colds, or other special situations that need to be resolved before the animal can be adopted.  Sometimes a shelter may just get too full, and a foster home provides temporary shelter until there's room for the animal.  Contact your local shelter, animal control facility, or rescue group for information on fostering opportunities.
  • Volunteer:  One of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have may be waiting for you at an animal welfare organization in your area.  You may be able to participate with as little as a couple of hours a month.  Contact your local shelter or animal control facility to et details on available opportunities.  Many animal control facilities have volunteer groups associated with their town programs and they welcome help.  You may want to help in a kennel, participating in direct care--feeding, cleaning, washing and helping to socialize the animals.  You may want to help with office tasks, answering telephones, filing, and computer work. You may want to work with potential adopters, helping people to find the right animals.  Often there are opportunities to help when you're at home during evening hours.  However you choose to become involved, you'll know that you are personally and directly helping individual animals--and that's a very nice feeling indeed.  Contact your local Animal Control Officer or click here for a list of Massachusetts registered animal welfare organizations.
  • Get an Animal Friendly License Plate: The "I'm Animal Friendly" license plates support spay/neuter efforts in Massachusetts and help to reduce the number of homeless animals in the state. To purchase a plate and help animals at the same time, click here.
  • Give an in-kind gift:  Often things that you might discard can benefit the animals. Many animal care facilities are always looking for materials and supplies. Most use towels, sheets and blankets to help make animals comfortable. Many use newspaper to line the bottoms of cages. Often there are other needs, like cat litter or dog toys.  Some shelters use donated cat and dog foods.  Paper towels are often needed, as are laundry supplies to wash those linens. Contact your shelter or animal control facility to see what's needed in your area.
  • Make a monetary gift:  By giving to a shelter or an animal welfare organization, you are helping to promote the kind treatment of animals.  Some shelters will use your funds for the direct care of the animals in their kennel. Other organizations will use your donation money to generate public awareness campaigns that will promote animal welfare.  In either case, you will be making a difference for animals.  
  • Spread the word: Learn about issues affecting animals in your community and help to make others aware of those issues.  Check out the information available elsewhere on our site, as well as through our links to other sites.  So much animal suffering is the result of simple ignorance; you can make a real difference by helping to inform your friends and neighbors.
  • Get Educated: We recognize that animal welfare can be a complex field and that there are many issues in the animal welfare world. Below are some links to help you better understand some of the issues.


Animal Welfare Resources

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