Success Stories

Chance 3Chance

AniMatch Volunteer Behavior Observer Kerry Rubio met Chance at a participating AniMatch animal control facility. Kerry thought Chance would make a great family pet and she networked him tirelessly. She found a potential adoptive family for Chance, but the animal control facility he was in had no adoption program.

Kerry reached out to another AniMatch participating shelter, T. J. O’Connor in Springfield, for help. Even though they already had a large number of adoptable dogs -- and more than their share of pitbull-type dogs -- T.J.O. agreed to accept Chance so that the adopters Kerry found could take Chance home. Networking and collaboration, foundations that AniMatch is based on, are the keys that led to Chance finding his forever home.

Chance's new family says,"Chance is an amazing addition to our family. He fits in so well we can't imagine our lives before having him. To think of where he was to where he is now amazes us, but Chance has never looked back since joining our pack, he lives each day to the fullest.”


When Brockton Animal Control found stray dog Harper (now known as Penny) she was emaciated, flea infested, anemic, dehydrated, matted with encrusted urine and feces, had sores from constant scratching, overgrown nails, severe corneal ulcers with suspected vision loss, a UTI and was unable to properly walk due to the severity of matting. The Animal Control Officers and AniMatch reached out to All Dog Rescue who agreed to help Penny. All Dog Rescue had Penny seen by a vet and placed her in a foster home where a regimen of medical treatment helped her to physically heal.

 Despite all that she had been through, Penny had a cheerful and trusting personality. From day one in foster care, she was a delight. She assumed that anyone she encountered would be her lifelong friend. It wasn’t long before she was playing and cavorting around the house and backyard, going for walks, snatching toys from her foster brother and hopping on laps for intense snuggles. Her coat grew back sleek and shiny and her eyes healed nicely, gaining some lost vision. Penny is now a resident of Saugus where she shares her life with her adopters, a Cockapoo and a parrot. A recent report from Saugus indicated that Penny was very confused by all the dogs coming into the bedroom during the Westminster Dog Show. After some excited barking at these canine intruders, Penny settled in to enjoy the show. Given where Penny started, All Dog Rescue is very pleased with the image of a once neglected Penny snuggling in bed with her owners, watching TV.




When Hershey was found she clearly had been a stray for a long time as she was matted in feces, had a staph infection, a skin infection, an eye infection, ear infection and was heavily pregnant. AniMatch reached out to Baypath Humane Society to find a foster home for Hershey so she could have her puppies in a safe environment. 
Baypath Staff and Volunteers quickly sprang into action and secured a foster home for Hershey and her coming family. Fostering a pregnant animal and her babies is a hard task so two Baypath staff members took on the task. Hershey was such a well behaved dog that she was quickly welcomed into the foster home by the other three dogs and three cats that lived there.
Hershey had a long list of medical issues that needed to be addressed, but given her advanced pregnancy these other issues had to wait to be addressed. Hershey gave birth to two adorable puppies and once they were nursed and weaned, medical analysis was undertaken. Identifying and treating Hershey’s medical issues were a priority as this was the key to getting Hershey into her forever home. Hershey was a wonderful mother to her two puppies. They stayed with her during the first eight weeks of puppyhood and then were each adopted by wonderful families. One family even moved to a pet friendly apartment in the city just so they could adopt one of Hershey’s puppies. And after clearing her skin and eye issues, Hershey found herself a wonderful forever home too!



Brockton Animal Controlto Medfield Animal Shelter





Fitchburg Animal Shelter to Bay State Dogs








Abigail started her journey almost a year ago as a stray, being picked up by TJ O’Connor Animal Control. Their evaluation determined Abby was worth saving. Through the AniMatch program, the Scituate Animal Shelter took her with open arms.

SAS understood that Pit Bulls like Abby can stay longer in a shelter than another breed of dog, yet they saw Abby’s potential. Abby was sweet, smart, affectionate, playful, clean – the perfect dog! In addition to her daily walks and play time the volunteers took Abby to the beach, for rides in the car, or just hang out at the front desk. She was on multiple sites for adoption and her story was "shared" many times by many people on Facebook. Abby was photographed time and time again, with her picture and poster everywhere.

Time went on and on with no interest. Why? Her breed.

After 7 months a foster became available. Once in the foster home, Abby’s personality was constantly sweet, smart, affectionate, and playful. She met many doggie friends and was the perfect host for company. Again, why was there no interest in her? Because of her breed.

A decorated NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) who served our country for 31 years through the Iran hostage crisis and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars came in to check out another dog who turned out to not be a good fit for his family. A volunteer suggested Abby. Luckily, this family didn’t discriminate against Pit Bulls. After seeing her picture and then meeting her, it was as close to “love at first sight” as it could be. Abby found her forever family!

Charlotte Charlotte

Ludlow Animal Control to Worcester Animal Rescue League





Brockton Animal Control to Lowell Humane Society






HennessysHennessey's Puppies

Middleboro Animal Control to MSPCA Boston





Brockton Animal Control to Berkshire Humane Society





Caroline (Formerly Bess)

Now named Rex Worthington (all cleaned up) with his new family.





Murphy (now Doug) found himself at Ludlow Animal Control after his owner died. Within three days of being posted on AniMatch Doug had been transferred to ARL Dedham where he was quickly adopted. Today Doug is reported to be "spoiled rotten and living the good life on the Cape.”










Rotherford VCA (Newton Animal Control holding facility) to Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter





Malden Animal Control to Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter







Worcester Animal Rescue League to Dakin






Brockton Animal Control to PittieLove





Rosetta Rosetta

Transferred from Brockton Animal Control to PittieLove Rescue





Edmond Edmond

Transferred from Brockton Animal Control to PittieLove Rescue